Discover our full range of exciting skincare products that make wonderful gifts. Because Bonpoint beauty is a family affair, the brand has designed baby suitcases for boys and girls to (re)discover the range's iconic products for all ages.

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Newborn edition Suitcase


3 colors

Nourishing body cream 150 ml


"Little Cherries" edition Suitcase


3 colors

Eau de toilette 50 ml


The Sleep Moment set


Whipped cream shampoo 150 ml


"Little Stripes" edition Suitcase


3 colors

Discover our holiday season world
Glow revitalizing cream 50 ml


The Birth Event set


Eau de senteur 50 ml


The Beauty Moment set


Music Box Set - Bonpoint Iconic


Soap duo set


White Laquered Scented Water 100 ml


2 colors